Monthly Archives: June 2012

Radikal Update

Well hello there, its been a few weeks since I posted any updates on the Radikal so I figured I’d catch you up.  So far I have run a gallon of fuel through the helicopter and it is flying like a dream.  I noticed a bit of dirty grease coming out of of the tail… Read More »

BH Hanson Engine Break-In Guide

I just got permission from Al Chianelli over at B.H. Hanson to post his break-in guide.  I will add this disclaimer: the guide is for engines he provides ONLY.  You should follow your engine modifier’s instructions and contact them for their specific guide. This guide applies to 20-290 PUH and RC Helicopter Engines Use Pennzoil… Read More »

Initial thoughts on flying the Radikal G20 HD

I’ve had about half a gallon of gas through the engine so far, which has yielded roughly 15 or so flights (I haven’t been counting) at roughly 20 minutes each (haven’t been timing either, just recalling start and stop times on some of the flights).  I believe this has given me plenty of time to… Read More »