NATS 2019 – Getting There

A trip to the NATS from Florida is about 19 hours of driving. Depending on the time of day, the roughest part of the trip can be going through Atlanta due to traffic. This year, we hit Atlanta a little earlier than last year so traffic was pretty much a breeze. What follows will be… Read more »

TORCHS 2019 Spring Bash and Why Fun Flies Matter

Last weekend I had the blessing to attend the 2019 TORCHS Spring Bash. It was a blessing because, in attendance, were two of the best pilots in the hobby and many up and coming pilots who are making names for themselves. Not only that, but I was able to get together with great friends whom… Read more »

Flying the KBDD Extreme Blades

Hi, it’s been a while! Life has been quite busy with the business and an extra two kids since I last wrote on the blog so I apologize for the lack of updates. Over the past few years a lot has changed, among them being the make-up of my RC Helicopter fleet. I’m no longer… Read more »

Radikal Update

Well hello there, its been a few weeks since I posted any updates on the Radikal so I figured I’d catch you up.  So far I have run a gallon of fuel through the helicopter and it is flying like a dream.  I noticed a bit of dirty grease coming out of of the tail… Read more »

BH Hanson Engine Break-In Guide

I just got permission from Al Chianelli over at B.H. Hanson to post his break-in guide.  I will add this disclaimer: the guide is for engines he provides ONLY.  You should follow your engine modifier’s instructions and contact them for their specific guide. This guide applies to 20-290 PUH and RC Helicopter Engines Use Pennzoil… Read more »

Initial thoughts on flying the Radikal G20 HD

I’ve had about half a gallon of gas through the engine so far, which has yielded roughly 15 or so flights (I haven’t been counting) at roughly 20 minutes each (haven’t been timing either, just recalling start and stop times on some of the flights).  I believe this has given me plenty of time to… Read more »

Beware of HOSTS Entries

SYMPTOMS: Can’t install Exchange service packs (PrepareAD / PrepareSchema do not run properly) Setup encountered a problem while validating the state of Active Directory: Setup could not retrieve the schema master domain controller information from Active Directory. Exchange database will not mount / dismounted Errors in Event Log: 9519 – The following error occurred while… Read more »

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SBS 2011 Heavy RAM Utilization

SYMPTOMS: I’ve been troubleshooting a problem heavily for the past three days and on and off for several years now involving Microsoft’s Small Business Server 2011 product. Here are the symptoms: RAM utilization is excessive, remaining at 99-100% constantly, primarily rising after boot in a few weeks, and in some extreme cases, within an hour of… Read more »

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Building The Radikal G20 HD – Wrap Up

First off, I’d like to apologize for jumping forward from mid-build to already done.  The past few weeks have been an exceptional challenge work-wise so I’ve been building during the week to relax a bit so taking pictures and updating the blog have not been a huge priority.  What I’ll do in this post is… Read more »

Building the Radikal G20 HD – Day 5

Today I had the new clutch to install, some of my servo extension cables arrived so I built the electrical system.  The pull-starter also came in along with the used Futaba GV-1 governor and replacement regulator & receiver.  I started test-fitting some parts around the helicopter, and decals began showing up on the canopy! I… Read more »

Building the Radikal G20 HD – Days 3 & 4

This past weekend I worked on the helicopter on a couple of days so I’ll post the progress in one post.  I believe that the best place to start will be with what I have learned since last time: The wrong clutch shoe shipped in the box: Century sent me the correct clutch bell for… Read more »

Under the Bus

Today my company got thrown under the bus.  I’ll spare you the details but it felt good to know that we lived up to our mission statement: To bring glory and honor to our Lord, Jesus Christ, by serving others through excellence and innovation in technology. Though it was a significant amount of revenue, I’m… Read more »

Building the Radikal G20 HD – Day 2

Build day two is finally here and I have lots to report!  Last Monday I received five Align DS520 servos for the helicopter and Friday I received the missing set screws for the washout guide.  Also, Century advised that I did have the correct main shaft and the only difference between HD and LT was that LT… Read more »

Little Boys Love Forts

I remember back when I was a child, I loved to build forts out of furniture, chairs, blankets, boxes, and whatever else my siblings and I could find. Now that I’m a dad, I’m always looking for ways to entertain my son, Samuel. Instinctively, he seems to have taken a liking to playing under his… Read more »

Building the Radikal G20 HD–Day 1

Well… as promised, here’s my first post about building the Radikal G20 HD.  First off, it would be wrong of me to do this without giving some credit where credit is due.  I’d like to thank The Orlando Radio Control Helicopter Society for holding their Annual Orlando Heli Blowout (OHB) last year, Century Helicopters for sponsoring the event, BH Hanson for… Read more »