An Update on Yesterday’s Events at IRCHA

By | August 12, 2022

Hello everyone, I wanted to give everyone an update on the events from yesterday.

As some of you know, Auggie took a flight to come to IRCHA because he imagined this was going to be difficult and stressful for me so he wanted to help prevent damage. We are very very good friends and he felt his duty to come help a friend.

Initially, as expected, I received pushback about my wanting to do the meeting I proposed at center stage. In the interest of preserving the peace, I agreed to meet with Dan Lucente, Tim Diperi, and Wes Minear at Auggie’s suggestion.

In the evening, we (Dan Lucente, Tim Diperi, Wes Minear, Auggie, and myself) met at the IRCHA RV to see how we could get as much resolved as possible.

These are the results of the meeting:

  1. They do not recognize IRCHA, Inc. as the organization we know as “IRCHA” so instead they agreed to immediately register, under the state of Indiana, a new corporation called “International Radio Control Helicopters Association” like the original one so that the organization exists lawfully under the State of Indiana. Auggie offered to pay for all legal fees so it can be done expeditiously and legally, and they agreed to that.
  2. Immediately after the new organization is formed, they agreed to have full elections for all Board Members and these elections will be held using websites that are used for running Board elections, such as
  3. They agreed to a completely clear and open accounting of all finances of the organization.
  4. I offered to blog about the progress so that I could report it to you, and they agreed to provide me with answers to every question I ask and to publish the responses
  5. They agreed to not compel me to remove my original post so it can be used as a guide for items that need to be addressed, understanding that some of those items marked as allegations are disputable

Additionally, they asked me to be perfectly clear that some of the allegations in my original post are just that, allegations. Those allegations are from the past, involving people who are no longer a part of the organization, and are untrue.

I hope you find this acceptable; it was not everything I wanted to accomplish but it is a good start. My intent was, and still is, to have IRCHA be a clear and transparent organization that helps our hobby be fun. We are on our way and there is still A LOT to be done.