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Beware of HOSTS Entries

SYMPTOMS: Can’t install Exchange service packs (PrepareAD / PrepareSchema do not run properly) Setup encountered a problem while validating the state of Active Directory: Setup could not retrieve the schema master domain controller information from Active Directory. Exchange database will not mount / dismounted Errors in Event Log: 9519 – The following error occurred while… Read More »

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SBS 2011 Heavy RAM Utilization

SYMPTOMS: I’ve been troubleshooting a problem heavily for the past three days and on and off for several years now involving Microsoft’s Small Business Server 2011 product. Here are the symptoms: RAM utilization is excessive, remaining at 99-100% constantly, primarily rising after boot in a few weeks, and in some extreme cases, within an hour of… Read More »

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Building The Radikal G20 HD – Wrap Up

First off, I’d like to apologize for jumping forward from mid-build to already done.  The past few weeks have been an exceptional challenge work-wise so I’ve been building during the week to relax a bit so taking pictures and updating the blog have not been a huge priority.  What I’ll do in this post is… Read More »

Building the Radikal G20 HD – Day 5

Today I had the new clutch to install, some of my servo extension cables arrived so I built the electrical system.  The pull-starter also came in along with the used Futaba GV-1 governor and replacement regulator & receiver.  I started test-fitting some parts around the helicopter, and decals began showing up on the canopy! I… Read More »

Building the Radikal G20 HD – Days 3 & 4

This past weekend I worked on the helicopter on a couple of days so I’ll post the progress in one post.  I believe that the best place to start will be with what I have learned since last time: The wrong clutch shoe shipped in the box: Century sent me the correct clutch bell for… Read More »

Under the Bus

Today my company got thrown under the bus.  I’ll spare you the details but it felt good to know that we lived up to our mission statement: To bring glory and honor to our Lord, Jesus Christ, by serving others through excellence and innovation in technology. Though it was a significant amount of revenue, I’m… Read More »