RC Hobby Sponsors

I've been blessed to be able to grow in the RC Helicopter hobby over the last few years and its been mainly self-funded. Late in 2018 and early 2019 I had the privilege and blessing to be asked to join several flight teams.

My airframe sponsor is Miniature Aircraft, maker of the X-Cell Whiplash line of helicopters, my favorites! The Whiplash line of helis is the only line that has all four power plant options: electric, nitro, gasoline, and turbine!



My second sponsor is KBDD International. KBDD is the maker of excellent rotor blades that are not only high-performance and accommodate a broad range of flight styles, they are also known for their extreme visibility. I particularly like their lightweight, but strong, plastic tail rotor blades that are available in bright colors to make the tail rotor direction obvious. My choice main rotor blades are the Extreme Edition blades. They are heavy, wide-chord, bright orange, and auto-rotate well due to the mass. They also do very well in big-air maneuvers.

KBDD International

TORQ Servos provide control of my helicopters’ control surfaces. With fast, accurate movement I can achieve steady competition-quality hovers, smooth precision maneuvers, and quick 3D performance! Get TORQ Servos at HeliDirect.