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By | November 16, 2020

What, why, and how?


Strategy:   “Hold out baits to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and crush him.”
Sun Tzu, The Art of War


Operations Update/Big Picture Plan

USA Federal Election Timeline

Dec. 8 — Last day for states to resolve election disputes

States must certify election outcomes at least six days before the Electoral College meets — known as the “safe harbor” deadline — if they want to avoid Congress getting involved in resolving potential disputes. That means any court challenges to state election results must be settled by Dec. 8, 2020.

If states certify election outcomes by this deadline, Congress must accept the results as valid.

Dec. 14 — Electors cast their ballots

Electors meet in their respective states to cast their ballots for president and vice president on the second Monday after the second Wednesday in December.In every state except Nebraska and Maine, electors vote on a “winner takes all” basis, meaning whichever candidate wins the state’s presidential race receives all of the state’s electoral votes.Electors send certificates of their vote to various officials, including Vice President Mike Pence, serving as president of the Senate.

Dec. 23 — President of the Senate receives electoral vote certificates

Pence must receive the formal electoral vote certificates no later than nine days after electors meet.

Jan. 6 — Congress counts electoral votes

The House and Senate convene for a joint session on Jan. 6 to count electoral votes. Pence presides over the process as president of the Senate and announces the results. The candidate that receives at least 270 out of 538 electoral votes becomes the next president.Any objections to the electoral votes must be submitted in writing and signed by at least one House and one Senate member. If an objection arises, the two chambers consider the objection separately.

Jan. 20 — Inauguration Day

The president-elect and vice president-elect are sworn into office and officially become the president and vice president of the United States on Inauguration Day.



Trudeau on building back better and the pandemic reset

Video transcribed:

Trudeau: "Building back better means giving support to the most vulnerable while maintaining our momentum on reaching the 2030 agenda of sustainable development  and the SDGs. Canada is here to listen and to help. This pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset. This is our chance to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts to reimagine economic systems that actually address global challenges like extreme poverty, inequality, and climate change."

When globalists first said Build Back Better:

Justin Trudeau: August 18, 2020

Former VP Joe Biden : July 9 2020

PM Boris Johnson: May 28, 2020

Former POTUS Bill Clinton, 2009 Haiti



United Nations Building Back Better began using the term in 2006 and was first officially described in the "United Nations Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction" document on June 3, 2015.


Bill Clinton used the phrase in 2009 "while referring to Haiti after the political upheaval and storms of 2008."


March 11, 2020: DOJ International Crisis Group Report: Imagining a Resolution of Venezuela’s Crisis

During the vote count for the 2017 Constituent Assembly election, technical experts from Smartmatic, whose electronic voting system was employed, left the country after detecting irregularities.The company later said turnout figures had been artificially boosted by “at least a million votes” “Smartmatic Statement on the Recent Constituent Assembly Election in Venezuela”, Smartmatic, 2 August 2017.

On 6 March 2018, Smartmatic announced that it was withdrawing from Venezuela and could “not guarantee the integrity” of recent elections. “Smartmatic cesó operaciones en Venezuela”, El Nacional, 6 March 2019. (In the interests of transparency, it should be noted that the

chair of Crisis Group’s Board of Trustees, Lord (Mark) Malloch-Brown, is also chair of the company SGO, of which Smartmatic forms part.)


Post-WWII History involving Athenagoras, Truman, and CIA.


World War II ended in 1945, and immediately, the United States and the Soviet Union began jockeying for leadership in the postwar world. The Soviets swept as many countries as possible into their orbit; meanwhile, the United States adopted the Truman Doctrine, a foreign policy based on the containment of Communism throughout the world. Orthodoxy became one of the many proxy fronts in the Cold War: as the Soviets attempted to use the Moscow Patriarchate to the other Orthodox Churches to support Communism, the United States backed the Ecumenical Patriarchate as a pro-Western counterweight.



State Rep. Matt Maddock (R), who is well-known in Michigan as a pro-Trump solid conservative, announced tonight that he is filing the paperwork in the Michigan House to start impeachment proceedings against Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer! Whitmer has been repeatedly defying court orders limiting her COVID shutdown powers. And rumors swirl that another Whitmer Michigan shutdown is looming, perhaps starting on November 18 and lasting three weeks. A rumor that she would shut down the state on Friday came and went, though Whitmer held a very odd press conference where Whitmer and her advisors scolded family members not to hug on Thanksgiving.

Maddock told the Gateway Pundit: “Something had to be done. She’s ruining this great state. Small businesses and most dine-in restaurants will be dead by the end of the year. She’s caused the deaths of many vulnerable elderly people who died alone, scared, and pointlessly. This was long overdue,” Maddock said.



In Windham, NH a recount added a few 100 votes per seat where only 8K-9K people voted. This is a HUGE % change of votes."

Why hasn't Kamala resigned from the Senate?

Barr interview gets tense when pressed on mail-in voting

From September 2, 2020: US Attorney General William Barr told CNN's Wolf Blitzer that "people are playing with fire" when it comes to widespread mail-in voting ahead of the 2020 election.

We've known about SmartMatic and Dominion for a while...

Multiple Reversals and Proportional Vote Entries In Virginia on Election Night after 11 PM Indicate Election Fraud Occurred in This State Too

There’s something going on….

The Virginia results in the 2020 Election for President gave Joe Biden a 2.4 million vote lead over President Trump’s 2.0 million votes.  What’s odd and needs investigating is how the election ended up this way.

No one seems to be questioning the votes in Virginia but they should be.  There are multiple reasons why the Virginia results in the 2020 Presidential election should be investigated.

Virginia’s election results started coming in shortly after the polls closed on Election Day.  There were 378 separate entries or feeds related to Virginia found in the file obtained and shared around the web from the New York Times since a few days after the election.  The NYT data feed shows all the entries from the NYT for the Presidential election at a state by state level. This data does not include county or precinct level data feeds.

One oddity in the file noted immediately is that the results for votes are not in whole integers (e.g. 1, 2, 3…).  All of the entries have fractional amounts.  This makes no sense since ballots do not come in fractions in the US.  Each vote equals one vote.

The first 125 entries reported in the NYT data feed were basically reasonable.  The results varied in percentage of votes between Presidential candidates and appeared to be random with most votes going to President Trump.  Up through this time (11:03 Eastern), President Trump was leading 52% to Biden’s 46%.  At this time 3.3 million of the eventual 4.4 million votes had already been cast or about 75% of the vote was in.   This is when things went off the rails.

Eight entries totaling nearly (800,000) votes were removed from the database during this time.  This makes no sense. Each vote should be added to the vote totals not taken away.

Overall three entries of over 300,000 votes were posted in the data base to Biden’s vote total.  Two entries of over 300,000 votes were taken away.  The same happened to President Trump’s totals but in much smaller amounts.  Overall 851,00 votes were added to Biden’s totals and only 318,000 were awarded to President Trump between 11:14pm (Eastern) on November 3rd and 5:00am November 4th.  This resulted in over half a million more votes net going to Biden and 73% of the votes during this timeframe.

These reversing entries look like adjusting entries.  Anyone in the accounting profession is aware of entries posted in error that are reversed and replaced with the proper entries and amounts.  Why the hell would Virginia need to make these types of entries in their voting system?  There really is no logical reason (except for fraud).

After these entries noted above were recorded, nearly every entry made into the system for the Presidential election had the same proportion of votes of Biden to Trump.  This too is not reasonable.  There is nothing random about this.  It is highly, highly unlikely that the results of all these entries would be at the same proportion. This too indicates fraud.


Milwaukee Election Head Admits Leaving Behind Key Election Flash Drive

Claire Woodall-Vogg, the head of the Milwaukee Election Commission, now admits that she misplaced a key election flash drive when she went to deliver results to Milwaukee County in the early morning hours after the presidential election.


Posted this in September, reposting as it is the story which links the Philly mob boss story...

In relation to post of the photo of Trump on top of the Trump Tower in 1982 during construction, this is an interesting story from 2019.

The Real-Life Mob Families of ‘The Irishman’? Donald Trump Knew Them

The president and his associates have long histories with the Mafia figures who populate Scorsese’s film.

Martin Scorsese’s new film, The Irishman, conjures up a lost world. It depicts an era when the Mafia was so powerful that it set off alarms in the Kennedy White House, and Scorsese even hints that organized crime was behind JFK’s assassination.

Back in the 1980s and 1990s, Trump’s buildings and his casinos attracted underworld figures like “Fat Tony” Salerno, the Fedora-wearing, cigar-chomping boss of the Genovese crime family. Salerno, who’s portrayed in the film by Domenick Lombardozzi, supplied the fast-drying concrete that built Trump Tower and other Trump properties. Salerno also controlled the local concrete workers union, and when a strike shut down construction in Manhattan in 1982, the one of the few buildings that wasn’t affected was Trump Tower.

Trump wasn’t the only one who knew the people in the world of The Irishman. In addition to being a hit man, Sheeran was president of a local Teamsters union in Delaware.

In 1972, shortly before Election Day, a prominent lawyer who was very big in the Democratic Party came to see him. There were some political ads that would run in the local newspaper every day in the last week before election, and the lawyer didn’t want them to run. So Sheeran set up a picket line outside the newspaper, and he knew the Teamsters union drivers who delivered the paper wouldn’t cross it.

So the ads were never delivered, and on Election Day, Delaware had a new senator: a young man named Joe Biden. After that, Sheeran said Biden’s door was always open. “You could reach out for him, and he would listen,” he wrote.

The Biden story isn’t in the movie. There wasn’t room enough for everyone to make it into Scorsese’s epic Mafia biopic, but Salerno does — and with good reason. Salerno ran the most powerful of New York’s five Mafia families. “I’m the fucking boss, that’s who I am,” Salerno once boasted in a secretly recorded conversation. “Connecticut is mine; New Jersey is mine.” Nothing got built in New York without Salerno dipping his meaty hand into the till.

And it’s not just Trump who has links to the world depicted in The Irishman. It also overlapped with some of the figures in Trump’s world, past and present. Roger Stone, Trump’s longtime political adviser, also met Salerno when he visited Cohn’s Manhattan brownstone. This was in 1979, and Stone had been tapped to run Ronald Reagan’s political operation in New York. Cohn, dressed in a silk bathrobe, introduced Stone to the mobster and then offered to help him with the Reagan campaign. Cohn’s advice would change the course of Stone’s life: “What you need is Donald Trump.” Cohn sent the young political operative off to meet the up-and-coming real estate developer. It was a path that would lead 40 years later to Stone’s conviction last month on charges of lying to Congress about his contacts with WikiLeaks.

Rudy Giuliani, the president’s personal lawyer, also crossed paths with Salerno as New York’s top federal prosecutor in the 1980s. Giuliani was obsessed with Salerno. “Tony was the Tip O’Neill of the underworld and would reside forever in Rudy Giuliani’s mind,” wrote the legendary New York columnist Jimmy Breslin. Giuliani went after Salerno with such zeal that the mobster’s defense attorney complained that the prosecutor ″has made it his personal mission to bury my client.″

In March 1986, Giuliani announced that a grand jury had indicted Salerno and others on charges that included rigging construction bids. Trump Plaza, a co-op apartment building on Manhattan’s East Side, was specifically mentioned in the 29-count indictment. Salerno arranged things so his concrete company got a $7.8 million contract at Trump Plaza. It just so happens that while these bids were being rigged, the building was under construction, right around the time that Trump met Salerno in Cohn’s townhouse. Even so, the indictment makes it clear that the bid-rigging occurred without the knowledge of developers.

Moar at link…



15 Nov 2020 Today: China Deploys new Destroyers, to Destroy US W4rships in the South China Sea

BEIJING has unleashed a fleet of new destroyers which has the power to wipe out US warships in the South China Sea. Military experts say the news proves the superpower's naval development has entered a "crucial new stage" amid mounting tensions in the disputed waters.

So  if you put in ‘Kraken Military” into Bing and this came up:

'Kraken' provides needed intelligence, force protection at NIE


Building Readiness

America’s Awesome Pacific Division kicks off platoon exchange with Excellent Indonesian Army…

For more than 70-years the partnership between the United States and Indonesian Armies has endured, despite the two nations being geographically located on opposite sides of the earth.

On Nov. 14, 2020, this partnership became a lot closer inside the historic F-Quad on Schofield Barracks, Hawaii as a platoon from the Tentara National Indonesian Army’s 431st Para Raider Infantry Battalion stood together as one with Soldiers assigned to 3rd Squadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment “Raiders,” 3rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division marking the official start to the U.S. hosted portion of the 2020 Indonesia platoon exchange.

During his opening remarks, Lt. Col. Walter Reed, 3rd Squadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment Commander stressed the importance of strengthening the partnership through shared tactical knowledge and the lifetime friendships that will be formed.

“I encourage all Soldiers, both in the 431st Para Raider Battalion and the Raider Squadron of 3-4 Cav., to spend time over the next two weeks getting to know one another, reinforcing the shared bonds that unite us in service to our nations,” said Reed.

The U.S. hosted portion is only half of the overall concept as the Raiders also have a platoon who traveled to Indonesia in order to train alongside the Indonesian 502nd Airborne Battalion for two weeks.

“The simultaneous training occurring here and in Indonesia, will enable our light fighters at the troop and squadron level to build readiness on critical individual and collective tasks,” said Reed. “More importantly, it will also deepen our strategic partnership with Indonesia to further the relationship built on shared democratic values and common interest.”

For the next two weeks in Hawaii, the Raiders will train together with the 431st Para Raiders conducting everything from morning physical readiness training to counter-improvised explosive device training as well as a series of training conducted at the 25th Infantry Division’s Lightning Academy.

Lt. Col. Kemas Nauval, 431st Para Raider Infantry Battalion Commander is excited to be part of this opportunity to enrich the skills and experience of both armies Soldiers. “As we all know, this joint training exercise is intended to strengthen bonds and friendships between our two armies and also between our two nations so that we will continue to have a good communication, coordination and understanding afterwards,” he said during his remarks.

While this platoon exchange provides high-quality training for both armies, the relationships built will go far beyond the two-weeks of training.

“This exchange is an example of how America's Pacific Division continues to build readiness and learn from our partners in the region” said Maj. Gen. James Jarrard, Commanding General of the 25th Infantry Division and U.S. Army Hawaii. “We hope to deepen our partnership with Indonesia to further the relationship we have based on shared values and common interests, and we welcome our partners to Schofield Barracks.”

Looking toward the future, this event will hopefully be seen as the start of an even stronger partnership between the two armies which will last beyond another 70-years.


Joint Chiefs Vice Chair John Hyten Expected to Retire Next Year; Shortest Tenure in Job Since 2007.

The Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is set to step down from the number-two leadership role in the Pentagon next year without seeking a renomination for the postion, USNI News has learned.

Gen. John Hyten, who took on the job in November 2019, plans to step down from the position at the end of his two-year term without seeking to extend, three U.S. officials confirmed to USNI News.

Under the current rules for the position, the vice chair serves a two-year term after being confirmed by the Senate, according to federal law. The term was extended from two to four years as part of the Fiscal Year 2017 National Defense Authorization Act with the first year four-year term starting after Jan. 1, 2021. Hyten’s term will currently expire on Nov. 20, 2021 and he would need to be renominated to serve past that date.

“Gen. Hyten has always understood his tenure as Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff would last two years and plans to retire upon the completion of his term,” Hyten spokeswoman Maj. Trisha Guillebeau told USNI News on Friday.

“The next Vice Chairman will serve a four-year term. Gen Hyten will serve two years. The intent of Congress was to offset the Chairman and the Vice Chairman positions by two years.”

If Hyten elected to instead retire, it would be the shortest term for the position since Adm. Edmund Giambastiani elected to retire from the position in 2007 after just under two years in office to spend more time with his family and pursue other opportunities.

Among his replacements under consideration last week include current commander of U.S. Fleet Forces Command Adm. Chris Grady, who had also been under consideration to lead U.S. Northern Command, two officials told USNI News. Ultimately Air Force Lt. Gen. Glen VanHerck was nominated in July to lead the command.

Two officials told USNI News there has been an active conversation in the Joint Staff regarding staggering the terms of the chair and vice chair to provide a level continuity for Pentagon senior leadership. It’s unclear if the desire to provide overlap between leadership roles led to the decision for Hyten to retire.

Hyten’s decision to not seek another term comes as he’s in the midst of a civil sexual assault lawsuit from a subordinate who worked with him when Hyten led U.S. Strategic Command.

Army Col. Kathryn Spletstoser filed charges against Hyten in federal court over an alleged 2017 assault when the two were on travel in California. She filed the suit after Air Force and Senate investigations into the allegations could not substantiate the charges.

In October, a federal judge ruled the case could proceed after dismissing a motion from Hyten’s lawyers to throw out the case based on the Feres Doctrine that prohibits service members from being sued in civil court.

Hyten has continued to deny any wrongdoing.

“This case has been taken seriously by the Air Force and the [Defense] Department. It has been rigorously investigated and reviewed. And at no time has corroborating evidence or testimony be found,” Guillebeau said.



Nothing to report today...



Enlightenment Capital

The firm, which was founded in 2012 by Talbott and Pierre Chao, invests in mid-sized aerospace, defense and government services companies, particularly ones that are headed by founder-CEOs, and span a range of services, from cyber, data, IT and drone services.

Those investments can run from $10 million to $50 million and have been designed to bolster companies’ growth, such as was the case with System High Corp., or could include overall acquisitions, like with last’s months buy of Trowbridge & Trowbridge.

Enlightenment, which employs seven people in its Chevy Chase headquarters, formed a government services company in October called EverWatch out of four previous companies to serve the defense and intelligence market. That same month, it took a stake in Fairfax-based Emagine IT, a cyber, cloud and analytics consulting firm.


February 2020: IntelliWare Systems security software acquired by Enlightenment Capital


March 05, 2020: Trowbridge & Trowbridge acquired by Enlightenment Capital

Trowbridge + IntelliWare combined to create IntelliBridge, which will provide cloud, cyber, intelligence, and digital services to government agencies in defense, intelligence, and civilian arenas.


July 03, 2020: Hart InterCivic was acquired from HIG Capital by Enlightenment Capital. Enlightenment’s founder and managing partner is Devin Talbott, son of Strobe Talbott. Devin is also a donor to Biden, the Lincoln Project, Hillary Clinton, and several Democratic campaign committees.


Pompeo warns governors at their own convention.  As ex-CIA CHIEF he knows how deep some of them are involved with China.  Many are getting nervous now.

NBC: Gates-Funded Leftist Group Replaced Veteran Poll Workers with High School Students Before Election

Did Black Lives Matter cause all of this electoral mayhem?

However, an NBC News article from September may shed light into why there is so much bizarre behavior coming from urban vote counting centers in battleground states. The article lionized “young black students” who were signing up to be poll workers amidst an aggressive recruitment campaign.

The “young black students” were supposedly being recruited to relieve veteran poll workers with experience in the vote counting process. The excuse of COVID-19 was used to scare some elderly poll workers into bowing out and being replaced by these ringers. The article also noted that the Campus Vote Project was setting this operation up.

The Campus Vote Project is a wing of the Fair Elections Center, which was funded by the New Venture Fund. The New Venture Fund has received at least $94 million from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Other globalist special interests – such as the Ford Foundation and the Hewlett Foundation – have given tens of millions to the project as well.

NBC News explained in their article that a “diverse group of thousands of younger Americans, ranging from 16-year-old high schoolers to college students” would be “stepping in as poll workers across the country during early voting and on Election Day.”

They also explained that other front groups, such as the Poll Workers Project and The Poll Hero Project, pushed to get more black youths registered as poll workers. Basketball player Lebron James worked with the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and Power the Polls to recruit more poll workers.

Big League Politics has reported on the unprofessional behavior of poll workers in battleground states during last week’s vote, which includes many allegations of ballot tampering in different states:

A poll worker with the Clark County Elections Department in Nevada is blowing the whistle in a signed affidavit making appalling allegations of electoral fraud that they claim has occurred in the key battleground state.

“We were told by (my team leader), and two other assistants to advise people who wanted to register to vote and did not have the proper Nevada ID/Driver’s License, that they could go out in the parking lot and make an appointment with the DMV to get a Nevada ID/Driver’s License, and then bring in proof of their appointment confirmation (either a paper copy or show it on their phone to us) and then they could be registered,” the whistleblower said in their deposition.

“They were then permitted to vote with a provisional ballot, even though their appointments were not until January of 2021. We were told this was being allowed all over the Valley, at all polling places,” they continued.

The whistleblower described catching Democrats altering ballots in a seemingly unlawful manner, which they then allegedly attempted to obscure once they realize they were being watched.

“I personally witnessed two people handing multiple unopened mail in ballot envelopes to two other people who then opened and filled out the ballots against the side of the Biden/Harris van. The same two people who marked the ballots then put the marked ballots in official pink and white envelopes. These individuals were not poll workers,” they explained.

The whistleblower added that eventually “there were 5 or 6 additional people who formed a human wall, which moved as I walked by, apparently in an attempt to block my view of the four people who were opening envelopes, marking ballots, and placing those ballots in the pink and white return envelopes.” This was ignored by the team leader when the whistleblower reported the violation through the proper channels.

“I regularly saw people walking in with multiple ballots. We were not allowed to talk to the monitors or observers. We were not supposed to say anything ever to the observers,” the whistleblower said.

It seems that Democrat activists were counting the votes on election day.

It looks like MKUltra is in full effect: Video evidence

Video evidence shows mockingbird media is in full swing. Don't trust the mainstream.   Although the Central Intelligence Agency officially sanctioned its MKUltra mind control program in 1953 the operation still appears to be in full effect and rampant within the mainstream media in the year 2020 in the form of a modern-day Operation Mockingbird. The following video Tweeted out by Twitter user @Imamofpeace shows the bigger picture and proves that something sinister is afoot, to say the least.


Resignations in the news 11/9/2020 thru 11/15/2020

Dominion voting machines is on the CLINTON FOUNDATION webpage:



Did Skinny Joey Merlino create millions of ballots for Biden?


The Epoch Times


The Dominion software story keeps getting worse...



The UK attempted (again) to interfere in US elections by involving yacht whore Meghan Markle in the Lincoln Project. I don't think I need to explain wtf that shit show is.

Vid related, the narrates a video ad for Joe Biden.

Not even kidding. First she does it on zoom showing her face along with her husband.. telling people to vote for Biden and she got a lot of blow-back….so she starts narrating videos thinking no one is going to notice.

She is fake from the top of her weave to the bottom of her bunion-infested man-feet.  THIS IS her voice. They tried to slow it and alter it but her ego is so big she wanted her rabid fans to know.

I repeat...


Linked is an article about it, embedded is from youtube.


In case you don't know, the British Royal Family is NOT supposed to say anything remotely political. Ever. The closest the Queen has ever come to a public political statement is reminding her "subjects" that it's important for each of them to vote.


Also her handbag husband and she cooked up a visit to an Arizona vets memorial where they had them selves photographed laying a wreath—in an


On UK War Memorial Day for UK war dead. The guy pinned a few medals on his best Sunday suit and had a paparazzi take pictures of him and his wife setting up a wreath…for UK war dead, in an AMERICAN vet cemetery.

Time for Harry, disgraced by his own failure to carry out his government duties for the UK military is despised in UK now by military and the cemetery that allowed this is being slammed with calls by angry families. His next move is showing up for some war remembrance concert with Sting.

Wait until you find out Markle's role in all of this. these two, HARRY MUST BE ASKED TO LEAVE THE US.